Rabbi Chaim Bogopulsky

Rabbi Bogopulsky grew up in Brooklyn, NY and later Monsey, NY. In Monsey he davened in Ahavas Yitzchok where he had the opportunity to develop a relationship with Rabbi Rudinsky. He attended Shaar HaTorah High School and Bais Medrash in Queens under the leadership of Harav Zelig Epstein ZT"L and YBL"C Reb Kalman Epstein. Rabbi Bogopulsky studied abroad at Yeshivas Kodshim located in the heart of Jerusalem under the tutelage of Rabbi Tzvi Kaplan. Upon his return to the States he enrolled in the rigorous Semicha program of Beth Medrash Gavoha in Lakewood, NJ. He earned his Semicha in 2014 and completed a Young Israel Rabbinic Training course as well as Ner Le’elef Kiruv Training Program. Rabbi Bogopulsky is married to Batya and they are blessed with three daughters, Chava, Devora Leah and Nechama.

Gabbai: Steve Kaplan

Treasurer: Mike Rosenbloom