Young Israel of North Bellmore




Upcoming Classes:

  • If you would be willing to host a class in your home, please contact Mike Rosenbloom.
  • Announcing an exciting new class series: Topics in Torah-Based Kabbalah. Beginning Tuesday, February 17th, the Young Israel of North Bellmore will hold a seven-part class series entitled Topics in Torah-Based Kabbalah.  Similar to the introductory classes we held three years ago, these upcoming weekly classes will make extensive use of visuals and powerpoint presentation materials.  The upcoming classes will provide an opportunity to review and reinforce concepts introduced in the earlier class, as well as providing opportunities to learn new and extended concepts. 

The class is open to men and women, and will be held at the shul Tuesday evenings at approximately 8:25 pm after maariv.  See the attached flyer (click below) for the complete weekly schedule of topics and RSVP information.



  • The eruv has been checked and is up for Shabbos Parshas Tetzaveh. (2/26/2015)
  • Rabbi Bogopulsky will be giving a gemara shiur 30 minutes before mincha.

  • Parshas Zachor, read the Shabbos before Purim is a requirement to be heard by men and women. Therefore, in addition to reading during the Torah reading at ~10:15am, we will have an additional reading right after davening.

  • We will be having a luncheon in shul this Shabbat for all who reserved.  Thanks to Andrea and Rachel for making the cholent.  If you want to reserve a spot, please contact Andrea today (Thursday).

  • Bagels will be served after davening on Sunday morning.

  • Our wonderful Martha Steinhart has agreed to extended hours this Sunday so that everyone who is interested can attend.  We'll be preparing hamantaschen at the shul from noon to 4pm.  PLEASE make sure to let Martha know BEFORE SHABBAT how many people will be attending so that she can be prepared.  It's very difficult to have enough for everyone when people don't RSVP.

  • In addition to the year round mitzvah of giving Tzedaka/charity to the poor, we have a special mitzvah to give Matanos Le'evyonim on Purim.  Anyone who would like to participate can please give the money to Mike Rosenbloom before Shabbos so that it can be distributed to the poor on Purim day.  Checks can be made out to YINB.
  • Place your order for The YINB Sisterhood Shaloch Manot Round Robin by  Feb.26.  Call or email Malka Kipnes  516-481-3997 / 790-3685
    Mail your $45 check payable to YINB Sisterhood to  
    Malka Kipnes   828 Bruce Drive    East Meadow, NY 11554
    Pick-up at Malka's home Monday March 2 & Tuesday March 3  between 5:30PM & 7:30pm
  • The Sisterhood has Purim cards ready for you to send to family and friends.  They are $1 each or 6 for $5.  Please call Andrea Lieberman.

  • Jerry Steinhart's brother bakes the best, thinnest hand shmura matza and he is willing to bake for our shul members too.  If you'd like to order some matza, please let the Steinharts know by March 7.  They need to know how many boxes of whole matzot and how many of broken you would like.  The price isn't available yet but last year it was $22.50 per pound of broken matza, and $25.50 for whole.  Please let them know at


Mazel Tov!


  • Mazal tov to Rozanne Polansky on the brit of her grandson Naftali Yehuda born to Yehudit and Dovey in Beit Shemesh.  Mazal tov to the big brothers and the whole mishpacha.  Wishing the family much nachat from this new addition and all his siblings and cousins!

  • Mazel Tov to Sybelle & Harold Trigoboff on the birth of their great grandson Daniel Harry  born to their  granddaughter Yael and Boaz in Israel. Mazel to the grandparents Sharon and David.

  • Mazal tov to Gloria and Sy Weiss who celebrated the B'nai Mitzvah of their grandchildren Mathew Alec and Dori Shaye Weiss this past motzei Shabbas. 
  • Mazal tov to Jacquie and Gary Turk on the naming of their granddaughter born to their children Ilana and Jeffrey Turk.  The baby's English name is Aria Zoe.  Her Hebrew name is Sara Aliza named for Ilana's grandmothers.  Mazal tov to the Turk and Feldman families and a special mazal tov to great grandmother Mrs Jean Turk.  May this new addition be a source of joy and nachas to the entire mishpacha. 
  • Mazal tov to Adi and Tuvia Eiger on the brit of their grandson born to their children Liron and Cobi Friedman. The baby's name is Avigdor Dov after Cobi's grandfather.  Mazal tov to the Friedman and Eiger families.  May Hashem grant them much nachas from Avigdor Dov and from all their children and grandchildren.
  • Mazal tov to Judy and Mike Sigal on the engagement of their daughter Shoshana to Baruch Yehuda Sabel.  Baruch Yehuda is the son of Mel and Debbie Sabel of East Meadow.  Mazal tov to the entire family. May this new couple be zocheh to build a bayit ne'eman b'yisrael and to continue to give their parents much nachas!