Young Israel of North Bellmore




  • Our annual YINB Graduation Kiddush will be this Shabbos, June 24.  Honorees will be announced in shul.  Congratulations to all our graduates and other celebrants.
  • Welcome home to Francine Stampnitzky after spending the past three months in Israel, and mazal tov to her on her granddaughter Tzippy Kahan's Bat Mitzvah.
  • Sisterhood is coordinating our annual Shabbat Afternoon Summer Classes.  Our first class will be given by Rabbi Bogopulksy this Shabbat, June 24th at 5pm at the home of Judy and Steve Kaplan (2407 Joel Drive).  The schedule of future classes is being arranged. Please contact Malka Kipnes emkay1800@hotmail if you would like to host or give a class.
  • Temple Beth El is hosting a blood drive on Tuesday, July 11 from 4pm-8:30pm and we’ve been asked to participate.  If you are able to donate a pint of blood and do this tremendous mitzvah, please schedule your appointment Gary Flaum at 516-551-4289.
  • Like last year, we will be hosting four young men from the SEED program.  This year, however, we would like to host a married couple as well.  Inviting a couple depends on whether there are enough volunteers in the shul to host them.  They will be coming to our community to lead classes for men and there will also be learning opportunities for women as well provided we can host the couple and provided the SEED program can send us a couple. We will be hosting them from Sunday, August 6th through Monday evening, August 14th. The shul will be having a luncheon on Shabbos, August 12th and a picnic/barbecue in Eisenhower Park on Sunday, August 13th.  Details on the luncheon and picnic to follow. We need your cooperation in providing lodging (not meals) for our guests.  Please contact the Rabbi or Michael Rosenbloom ( if you can provide beds for some of our guests for some of the time they will be in North Bellmore.  We need to know the number of people you can host and which days.  Thanks in advance for your cooperation. 

  • Good news - Frankels grocery store in Far Rockaway has agreed to deliver to North Bellmore residents for about $10 for delivery.  This is the link to their website

  • An article about our shul appeared in the Queens Jewish Link recently.
Shul Article.JPG
  • If you have names of ailing people you regularly include in the mi shebeirach list, please send them to the rabbi in advance so he can add them to the shul list.

Mazel Tov!


  • Mazal tov to Annette Greenfield on the engagement of her son, Ari, to Helah Feldman of West Hempstead. Mazal tov to Ari's daughter, Ava, and to Helah's children, Kayla and Tani. May the entire family have much nachas from this young couple!

  • Mazal tov on the marriage of Sybelle and Harold,a"h, Trigoboff's granddaughter Mushka Sharfstein to Baruch Edelkopf.  The wedding took place on Lag B'Omer.  We wish them much hatzlacha and wish the family much nachas as the new couple begins building their bayit ne'eman b'Yisrael.
  • Rabbi and Mrs. Moshe Gorelik would like to announce the birth of a new great-grandchild, a boy after seven girls, to their granddaughter, Tovah and her husband, David Halpern. The brith will be held on Friday morning at Merkaz Harav Kook, Jerusalem, iy”H.  May they be zoche to bring this new baby to the brith of Avraham Avinu in its proper time and may they have much nachat from all their grand and great grand children.
  • Mazal tov to Heather Cohen and Michael Waxman on the birth of a daughter!  The baby was named Rivital Eliana.  We're thrilled to wish mazal tov to Heather and Michael and their families on this wonderful simcha.  May they be zoche to have much nachas from Rivital Eliana and share many s'machot!
  • Mazal tov to Joyce and Shep Woda on the birth of their first grandchild, a boy born to Ilene and Jeremy Manishor.  The baby’s name is Levi Tuviah ben Yaakov Halevi – Landon Derek.  May the family have much nachas and joy from this new addition!

  • Mazal tov to Leslie and Dan Boyarsky on the bar miztvah of their grandson Akiva Boyarsky, son of Yael and Stuart Boyarsky this coming Shabbat.  May they continue to have much nachas from all the children and grandchildren.
  • Mazal tov to Shira and Zach Lippman on the bat mitzvah of their daughter, Adina.  They will be sponsoring, I"YH, the kiddush in her honor on Shabbat 2/11 and would love the congregation to join in their simcha.


Upcoming Classes:

  • Rabbi Bogopulsky will be giving a Gemara Shiur on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Mornings a half hour before Shachris. 
  • Rabbi Bogopulsky will be giving gemara classes on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 7:30 followed by maariv at 8:00.


In 1966, several local families joined together to fulfill their dream of having an Orthodox Shul in North Bellmore. With high hopes for the future, they formed the Young Israel of North Bellmore with Dr. Harold Nierenberg Z”L as president, and they dedicated our current building within a year.

Here we are 50 years later and the Young Israel of North Bellmore is still active and strong and proud. We are very happy to have recently welcomed our new esteemed leader, Rabbi Chaim Bogopulsky, his lovely wife Batya, and their three daughters. He is only our third Rabbi in 50 years. Our amazing alumni and children represent us and excel as accomplished professionals in their fields and strong leaders in their congregations all over the world. We are so proud of their successes