Young Israel of North Bellmore




  • The eruv has been checked and is up for Shabbos Parshas Vayishlach (11/27/2015) Thanks Gabe!

  • The Sisterhood of the Young Israel of North Bellmore has Mazal Tov, Sympathy and Get Well cards for sale.  We request a minimum donation of $5.00 per card payable to Sisterhood YINB.  To order cards please call Genie 516-781-6261 or email geniestorch@gmail com.  
  • If you have photos of any YINB event from the past two years, please send them to  with an explanation of what the occasion was and the approximate date.  Batya Bogopulsky will be updating our gallery on the web site with a selection of photos from various events.  

Mazel Tov!

  • Mazal tov to the Bogopulsky family on the engagement of the rabbi’s brother David to Gnendi Hammer.

  • Mazal tov to Sybelle & Harold Trigoboff on the marriage of their grandson Yosef Sharfstein to Goldie Sudak.

  • Mazal tov to the Bogopulsky family on the marriage of the rabbi's sister Sheba to Hillel Okalica.  May the new couple be zoche to build a bayis ne'eman b'yisrael.

  • Shira and Zach Lippman on the bat mitzvah celebration of their daughter, Nava.  A big mazal tov to them and the whole family.  Wishing them continued nachat!

  • Mazal tov to Harold and Debbie Lepolstat of East Meadow on the bris of their grandson Michoel Meir.  Mazal tov to Michoel Meir’s parents Stephanie and Justin, big brother Levi Yosef and the whole mishpacha.  May this new Cohen be a source of joy and nachas to the entire mishpacha!

  • Mazal tov to Jacquie and Gary Turk on the engagement of their daughter Samantha to Elchanan Clingman, son of Adele and Alan Clingman of Scarsdale.  AND  Mazal tov to Jacquie and Gary Turk on the Yom Kippur bris of their grandson.  The baby’s name is Yosef Yitzchak.  Mazal tov to his parents Rachel and David Rabin and to big siblings Elisheva and Aryeh.  Mazal tov to great grandmother Mrs Jean Turk, to all the aunts and uncles and cousins and the whole mispacha.  May the family have lots of nachas from this new addition and all their grandchildren.

  • Mazal tov again to the Madowicz, Singler and Greenfield families on the beautiful hachnassat Sefer Torah event.  May their mother’s neshama have an Aliya thanks to this wonderful mitzah.

  • Mazal tov to Andrea and Michael Lieberman as they continue the celebration of the Bar Mitzvah of their grandson, Aryeh Chanan Goldress in Israel.  Mazal tov to his parents, Shira and Gadi Goldress, to great-grandmother Bubbie Esther Kaplan and to the Lieberman and Goldress families.  May they continue to see much nachas from all their grandchildren.


Upcoming Classes:

  • Rabbi Bogopulsky will be giving a Gemara Shiur on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Mornings a half hour before Shachris. 
  • Rabbi Yaakov Yisrael Wenglin will be speaking at YINB on Sunday, November 15 after ma’ariv.  Rabbi Wenglin has a BA from Harvard, a JD from UCLA School of Law and now lives in Israel where he studied and Aish and at Lev Israel.  He’s a world renowned lecturer with a lively, outgoing style which should engage all of us from teen through senior.  Please invite friends and family to join the shul at this event.