Young Israel of North Bellmore




  • The Eruv has been checked and is up for Shabbos Parshas Behar  (5/27/2016)
  • This Monday we’ll be davening on a Sunday/holiday schedule.
  • Mazal tov to the Bogopulsky family as they celebrate the aufruf of the rabbi’s brother, Ephraim, who will be marrying Esther Lane on Monday, b’sha’a tova u’mutzlachat.  In the rabbi’s absence, Rabbi Morgenstern from East Meadow will be addressing the congregation.
  • Kiddush this Shabbat is sponsored by a few shul families to commemorate the second yahrtzeit of Aaron Assael, which commences this coming Tuesday evening.  May his neshama have an aliya.  
  • Seudah Shlishit this Shabbat is being sponsored by Simon Dinits in honor of his uncle, Genadiy ben Shlomo.  
  • Rabbi Bogopulsky’s Insights in Tefillah classes for women will resume on Monday, June 6 at 7pm in the shul.  Save the date for the following classes scheduled for June 27 and July 25.  
  • Please note that our annual elaborate Graduation Kiddush has been moved from June 4 to June 11, the day before Shavuos.  To sponsor for a graduate, or for any other reason, please contact Andrea Lieberman  The cost is $30 per family for as many occasions as you want.   
  • Also contact Andrea to join us for our dairy Shavuos lunch the next day, the first day of Shavuos.  Cost is $18 per adult, and $8 per child, maximum per family $50.  The deadline for reserving for both of these occasions is Tuesday night, June 7.    
  • This coming year, the Young Israel of North Bellmore will be celebrating its 50th anniversary.  The shul is planning several events spread throughout the year to commemorate this milestone.  With this in mind, we are interested in seeing old photos and videos of shul events and shul personalities from the last 50 years.  We would like to make a video montage with these photos and videos, documenting some of the history, highlights and people who helped make the Young Israel of North Bellmore a special place over the last 50 years.

    If you have photos and videos to contribute, kindly send them to Michael Rosenbloom at  If the photo commemorates a specific event, please let us know the occasion and year, if not month and year of the event.  If you want to send a hard copy of photos, please send them to the shul.  Address the envelope to Michael Rosenbloom, Young Israel of North Bellmore, 2428 Hamilton Rd., North Bellmore 11710.

Mazel Tov!

  • Mazal tov to the Boriskin family on the birth of a son to Lea and Jeff Boriskin.  The baby was born Monday morning and all is well, Baruch Hashem. We wish a hearty mazal tov to the new parents, to grandparents Bob and Esther, to Suri and Howard, to big siblings Ezra and Talia and the whole mishpacha.  May this little one bring lots of nachas and joy to his family for many healthy and happy years to come and may his family be zoche to bring him to the bris of Avraham Avinu in its proper time. Mazal Tov!!

  • Mazal tov to Rozanne Polansky on the brit of Eliyahu Polansky, son of Ricki and Motty Polansky.  May the family have continued nachat from Eliyahu and all his siblings and cousins.

  • Mazel Tov to Genie Storch on the naming of her new granddaughter, born to her children Joseph and Naomi Storch.  The baby's name is Rochel Mindel,  Rose Mira.  Mazel tov to big brother Ethan and the entire Storch and Krakower families. 

  • Mazel Tov to our Baal Koreh - Meir Sears on his engagement to Nomi Berkowitz from Flatbush!!

  • Mazal tov to Judy and Michael Sigal on the bris this morning of their first grandchild - a boy, born to their children Shoshana and Baruch Yehuda Sabel.  The baby was named Yosef after his father's grandfather. Mazal tov to the Sabel family, to the new aunts Malka and Esther, to the great grandparents and the whole mishpacha! May they be zoche to have lots of nachas from Yosef!!

  • Mazal tov to Francine Stampnitzky on the birth of a baby girl to her children Julie and Yehoshua Kahan in Israel. The baby's name is Esther Yetta after Francine's mother. Mazal tov to the happy siblings Yitzchak, Tzippy, Moshe Kalman and Michal Yehudah. May this new baby and her siblings continue to give nachas to her family!

  • Mazal tov to Shira and Zach Lippman on the brit of Yitzchak Erez!  Mazal tov to big siblings Nava, Adina, Talya, Binyamin and Chana and to the whole mishpacha.  May this new addition be a source of joy and nachas.

  • Mazal tov to Sybelle & Harold Trigoboff on the marriage of their grandson Yosef Sharfstein to Goldie Sudak.



Upcoming Classes:

  • Rabbi Bogopulsky will be giving a Gemara Shiur on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Mornings a half hour before Shachris. 
  • Rabbi Bogopulsky will be giving gemara classes on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 7:30 followed by maariv at 8:00.


In 1966, several local families joined together to fulfill their dream of having an Orthodox Shul in North Bellmore. With high hopes for the future, they formed the Young Israel of North Bellmore with Dr. Harold Nierenberg Z”L as president, and they dedicated our current building within a year.

Here we are 50 years later and the Young Israel of North Bellmore is still active and strong and proud. We are very happy to have recently welcomed our new esteemed leader, Rabbi Chaim Bogopulsky, his lovely wife Batya, and their three daughters. He is only our third Rabbi in 50 years. Our amazing alumni and children represent us and excel as accomplished professionals in their fields and strong leaders in their congregations all over the world. We are so proud of their successes.

We are therefore very excited to be celebrating this milestone 50th anniversary of our Shul at several events during 2016, culminating with our gala dinner IY”H on

SUNDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 13, 2016, at 6:00 pm
Congregation Ohr Torah, North Woodmere, NY

We hope to share this evening with members, their friends and families, alumni and their children and other friends of the Young Israel of North Bellmore. We will also welcome Rabbi Dov and Yaffa Schreier and Rabbi Morris and Sarah Gorelik to the dinner. The Goreliks plan to come from Israel to honor us with their presence for a Shabbos as well as for the dinner. They are looking forward to joining us for this exciting reunion.

        Please mark your calendars for NOVEMBER 13. Also please provide us with the addresses of your children and family members so we can send them announcements and invitations. They can be given to Michael Rosenbloom or sent to him at,

        Looking forward to celebrating this wonderful milestone with everyone.

                                                                     Young Israel of North Bellmore 50th Anniversary Committee